All prices include the design, making and postage of your cushion or quilt.

Small t-shirt cushion


Large t-shirt cushion

4 t-shirt squares: £100

T-shirt Quilts

3×3 (9 t-shirt squares): £190    (with sashing £215)

3×4 (12 t-shirt squares):£215   (with sashing £250)

4×4 (16 t-shirt squares):£250   (with sashing £290)

4×5 (20 t-shirt squares):£300   (with sashing £340)

5×5 (25 t-shirt squares):£340   (with sashing £390)

5×6 (30 t-shirt squares):£390   (with sashing £450)

6×6 (36 t-shirt squares):£460   (with sashing £530)

What is sashing?

Sashing is the coloured border around each square. It greatly improves the look of your quilt by framing each t-shirt individually. We particularly recommend sashing for quilts where there are t-shirts of a similar colour.

20-30 t-shirts are required for a double bed sized quilt, depending on the size of the t-shirts supplied and whether sashing is included. We also recommend sending 2 or 3 spare t-shirts in case some are unsuitable for use. Any unused t-shirts will be returned.